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Deals & Jobs


Post Deal or Job

Free – Placement in Marketplace Deals/Jobs without provided advertising image, available for 30 days.

Post For Free

Post Deal or Job

$5 – Placement in Marketplace Deals/Jobs with provided advertising image, available for 30 days.

Promotional Post

Combo Posts

Combo: $25 - one time placement in Marketplace Deals/Jobs done FOR the client + Push Notification.



Banner Design Services

15. 00 $
  • 1-3   $15
  • 4-9     $15 $13
  • 10-19 15$ $11
  • 20 +   $15 $9
  • Request
25. 00$
  • 1-3   $25
  • 4-9   $25 $21
  • 10-19 $25 $18
  • 20 +   $25 $14
  • Request
35. 00 $
  • 1-3 $35
  • 4-9 $35 $30
  • 10+ $35 $25
  • Request
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Push up notifications 10$

Send a notification
Zohan Smith

🔧 Ready for a Smooth Drive?
Exclusive offer: Buy 3 tires, get the 4th free! Limited time only.

Zohan Smith

🚗 Get Rolling!
Save 20% on tire replacements this week. Don't miss out – your safety rides on your tires!

Zohan Smith

⏰ Just in Time!
Flat tire? Book your repair now and get a free tire check with any service!



What advertising options can I choose from? +

You can choose an advertising subscription plan and/or one-time post. You can use them separately or together. For example, if you choose the Advanced Plan, you can post monthly a Deal and a Job Banner in Marketplace. If you want to publish more ads or don’t want to subscribe to one of our plans, you can buy the $4.99 one-time post.


How do I post an ad? +

For subscription plan: After purchasing a subscription plan, you'll gain access to your Dashboard. From there, you can upload your Branding Banner, Deal Banner on Map, and Job/Deal Banner in the Marketplace. Log in to your Dashboard by pressing the “Sign In” button on our for shops page. For one-time posts: Complete the brief form with all necessary details and make the payment. Your ad will then be submitted for review.


How long does it take for my ad to be published? +

Once submitted, your ad is reviewed by our team. This process typically takes 24-72 hours. You will receive an email notification once your ad is accepted or if it is declined (including the reason for denial).


How long is the ad available for? +

Each advertisement post remains available for 30 days. Two days before the ad expires, you'll receive a reminder via email. You can choose to extend the ad's duration if desired.


What is a Combo Post? +

A Combo Post is published by our team. You provide the banner and necessary details via phone call and email, and we'll handle the rest. This option is different from subscription plans and the $4.99 post, where you manage the publication yourself.


My ad was declined. Why? +

We decline the ads which do not meet our publication criteria. Please review our publication criteria for more information.


How long should I wait for my banner design order? +

The standard completion time is 1-3 days, depending on the overall volume of orders.


How many design options do you provide? +

1 variant = 1 banner. We do not create multiple versions of the same banner at once. If you need multiple versions simultaneously, they will be subject to an additional fee and considered as a new banner.


Do you provide the original banner design? +

Yes, we provide the original banner design at no additional charge. The design will be sent via email, granting you full commercial license and ownership.


How many banner revisions can I request? +

1 banner = 3 free revisions that do not exceed or contradict the agreed-upon terms of reference.


What is a Push Notification? +

A Push Notification is a pop-up alert generated by the app when the app is not open, notifying the users of a new post.


What is an Interstitial Banner? +

An Interstitial Banner is an interactive, full-screen ad that appears on the user’s screen while navigating the Red Mechanic App.

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