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Boost Your Truck Productivity

Discover a one-stop solution for truck maintenance, repair shop location, DTC code assistance, and a thriving marketplace for truck and trailer parts and equipment deals.


Find Shops

Discover nearby truck repair shops and services to keep your vehicle in top condition.



Explore expert tips on truck maintenance and diagnostics to ensure your truck runs smoothly and efficiently.



Discover unbeatable deals and offers on a wide range of truck and trailer parts and equipment.



Explore a vibrant marketplace where you can buy, sell, and even rent a wide range of truck, trailer equipment, and parts.

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Easy management for your truck

Save your hard-earned money with our efficient maintenance tips and discover fantastic deals on truck repair services, all just a click away.

Easy to Manage

Simplify your truck maintenance routine! Our user-friendly platform makes it effortless to access maintenance tips and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). Take control of your truck's health with ease.

Find Help

Your one-stop solution for finding assistance! Whether you need repair shops, legal advice, or flatbed services, our platform simplifies the process. Get the help you need with ease.

RoadGuide AI

Break down language barriers on the road! Ask questions about trucking problems in multiple languages and receive quick, expert advice and solutions. Get the help you need, no matter where you are.



About our app
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What is Redmechanic?

Redmechanic is a comprehensive platform designed to assist truck drivers with various features, including maintenance tracking, navigation to nearby shops, finding reliable services like lawyers, cross-docks, and parking facilities, along with truck repair tips, a marketplace for deals on shops, and a store for truck and trailer parts and equipment.


How do I download and install Redmechanic?

You can download and install Redmechanic from the [App Store/Google Play Store] for your respective device (iOS or Android).


How can I track my truck's maintenance with Redmechanic?

Redmechanic offers a user-friendly maintenance tracking system. Simply enter your truck's details, and the app will provide examples for maintenance tasks based on your truck's specific model ,engine , year.


Can I find nearby truck repair shops using Redmechanic?

Yes, you can. Redmechanic features a map that helps you locate nearby shops and services for your truck, making it easy to find reliable repair and maintenance options.

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